Care Packages

Residential Care
We offer high-quality, person-centred support with our exceptional residential homes in the Midlands. We do not compromise in the way we equip our homes and working together with our staff, we recognise the importance of creating a positive lifestyle consistent with the needs of every individual service user.

Residential Assessments
The first point to obtain successful results First Class Care is our comprehensive needs to follow up assessment, which makes us have a full understanding ensuring each individual needs and aspirations are met.

After the assessment we work closely with individuals, their case manager and their families, or representative to formulate a service- delivery plan which carefully matches their help needs to the services provided by First Class Care.

Short-Term Live In Care
First Class Care provides a safe and reliable solution when temporary short-term care is required on a planned or urgent basis. For example, after surgery or hospitalisation, many people benefit from having someone at home to assist and support after being discharged. During this time a live-in carer can provide an amazing comfort, which can considerably assist the healing process.

The live-in carer is able to go to hospital and participate in the discharge plan, so they may hear first-hand the type of care required at home. In fact, because the carer travels home from hospital with the patients, it enables them to become more familiar with each other. Upon arrival home, the carer is in a position to offer continuity of care in a context of undiluted individual focus. This consistency allows the patient to receive unparalleled personal attention and commitment. You can feel confident in our care and know that you have the ability to be informed of patient needs and/or changes in condition.

Domestic Care
We know that domestic chores can occasionally become overwhelming and we can certainly provide help in this area. Our staff can help with all general housework, including cleaning, laundry, ironing and much else. They will also do shopping as necessary.

Social Care

  • Help with maintaining social contact
  • Help with shopping trips
  • Help in making appointments
  • Help with attending clubs/day-care centres
  • Help with attending medical appointments
  • Accompanying clients on day-trips or holidays abroad

Live in Carer/Companion Services
It is vital for families to be assured that their needs in respect of their loved ones are taken care of in a professional manner. First Class Care always carries out diligently a matching process to ensure clients and carer is compatible and will be able to enjoy a good relationship as they work together. First Class Care provides experienced carers, both male and female who are available for individualised activities such as visiting, playing cards, reading a book, or sharing a hobby. We can also help care for a pet or take walks in the neighbourhood. Live-in carers commonly work about eight hours over each 24-hour period, usually making themselves available when needed.

Most people benefit greatly from having a live-in carer stay until the patient feels safer and recuperated enough to manage safely on their own. Having the carer visit for a few further days can then be invaluable in aiding the transition from dependence to independence.

If you are currently employing a live-in carer who needs weekend time off, our short-term live-in carers could be a great solution; you will then never have to worry about schedule changes or carer illness. We will provide a consistent person who is conscientious and reliable and can fill in as a substitute as and when need arises. We will send our carer early, in order for him/her to receive a detailed on-site orientation and they can stay until the primary carer returns.

Compassionate Palliative Care
You will agree that palliative care is a family concern. First Class Care private nurses help patients comfortably through each successive stage of care at home, while helping family members adjust to this difficult period of transition.

A First Class Personal Care manager is a qualified registered nurse who often becomes a patient's primary confidante. Their personal care manager can offer an unconditional comfort zone of health and communication, with complete acceptance of the patient's condition whether it is ALS, cancer, heart disease, or any other debilitating or life-threatening illness.

Our nurse case manager extends the same knowledge and grace to the family, whose stress is eased by the around-the clock care and support. Family members are encouraged to have an open, continual dialogue with each another. First Class Care uses this period to encourage the family to look after its own physical and emotional needs, thus avoiding the risk of others getting sick as well.

First Class Care offers exceptional and very affordable care in a private home. For more information on this option, please call us and ask to speak to a palliative care nurse.

Respite Care
This service is designed to provide emergency care to enable your regular carer assistant or family member to take a break. However, rewarding it may sometimes be, we understand that providing full-time care for a young adult or elderly person can very draining. Even if the carer is a family member, the situation can still be most demanding and stressful. Our respite care home service is available and useful for emergency cover when illness or accident prevents your carer from working. Our care homes are happy to arrange a trial stay to allow the individual to see if the home is the right choice for them as their new permanent or temporary home.

We also offer short breaks for adults, between the ages of 18-65 years, with learning difficulties, autistic spectrum conditions and other complex needs, including medical health needs. We work closely with families and professionals to ensure continuity of approach with regard to the required support.

Holiday Care Help
The most difficult situation for those in need of care is to be able to go on holiday when they feel the need and making decisions about this can be very difficult for family members. They may be unsure about actually getting to destinations and the actual facilities available at a potential holiday place.

At First Class Care we offer a complete solution to the planning of your holiday. We are able to offer the care of nursing staff that travel with you, or you can have a highly trained carer. We do not just do holidays in the United Kingdom; we go where you want to go.

Quality Standards You Can Count On

First Class Care carers are trained to the highest standards, which are set by our highly trained team of carer and nursing staff. These are supported by a dedicated management team that includes an RGN nurse.

We believe in operating a comprehensive programme of ongoing training to ensure we remain at the forefront of high-quality care provision.

Our qualified personnel are available to assist with administering medication, changing dressings, intravenous therapy, pain and symptom management, chronic disease- management and therapy, foot care, and serious injury care.

Foot Care
We also have therapists who are able to provide advanced foot care. Regular foot care will significantly improve comfort, mobility and the general health of your feet. This is particularly important for people with diabetes as regular foot care can prevent problems and assist in early identification and care if problems do occur.

Accompanied Visits
We are available to accompany and/or transport your loved ones to personal or doctor's appointments, religious or cultural events, shopping, or even an unplanned outing.