Looking For Staff?

Looking for Staff? Look no Further

We are a young company with a big vision and passionate values. We passionately believe that every business has a role to play within the communities in which they serve.

You've taken the first step to an effective hassle-free recruitment process.
First Class Care offers our clients a tailor made One Stop Shop Service.

We can supply:

  • Team Leaders
  • Senior Social Workers
  • Social Workers
  • Social Work Assistant
  • Support Workers (NVQ 2/3}
  • Care Assistants
  • Youth Worker
  • Domestic Support
  • Specialist Mental Health support staff
  • Specialist Brain injury support staff
  • Q Specialist Adolescent support staff

Our team of experienced consultants are always available to make your search for staff as simple as possible, guiding you through the options available as well as the application and compliance processes. We take pride in our Pre-Registration Checks, Candidate Communication and Client Support. Our vetting and interview procedures are unrivalled.

You be can rest assured that all our Staff are Experienced, Reliable and Efficient!

First Class Care provides the best staff at the best rates - call now 0115 860 2258